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Riddle & Page bench Best Lizard at our 20th anniversary show, full report


Welcome to the Southern Lizard Canary Club

Firstly let me tell you about our club;  The Southern Lizard Canary club was formed in 1998 to promote and support the Lizard Canary primarily in the Southern region of England.  Our annual show in 2004 attracted 205 Lizards.  The Lizard is one of the oldest domestic breeds, dating back some three hundred years. It's main feature is the several rows of moon shaped feathers that lay on it's back, these are referred to as spangles.  Unlike many other breeds of canary the Lizard has changed little since Victorian times.  It is indeed a living antique that gives the fancier a first hand insight into what the birdkeeper of years past kept, bred and showed.  Today the Lizard is safe but that wasn't always the case. During the war years 1939-1945 the Lizard was almost lost and was close to extinction but in 1945 a few dedicated fanciers formed the Lizard Canary Association to save this wonderful little bird.  Sixty years on  (2005) the LCA  celebrated it's Diamond Jubilee with some 350 Lizards entered for it's annual show at Nottingham , which our Secretary John Record co-judged with Southern Lizard member Stan Insall.  You can obtain more information about the Lizard Canary and the club by simply Emailing your enquiry SLCC1998@hotmail.co.uk

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Wendover Memorial Hall

Southern Lizard Canary Club
Sunday 24th November 2019
Wendover Memorial Hall
Wharf Road, Wendover Bucks
For details contact John Martin, Show Secretary
01323 846770